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The Big Red Suit

The Tri Cities #1 Santa and Mrs. Claus

How to make your visit from The North Pole great:

1) Make sure you have your contract signed and returned with payment. Your date is not booked until then.

2) Supply a person's name and cell phone number that can be contacted before the party in case of emergency.

3) Have a parking space close to the door just for Santa and/or Mrs. Claus.

4) Have walkways free of ice/snow and well lit.

5) Have someone to meet the Clauses outside to load up gifts and last minute directions.

6) Have a helper to assist the Clauses through the house.

7) Make sure toys, shoes, boots, animals are not in the way from the entrance to the area they will be seated.

8) Have names on gifts printed largely so they can be easily read.