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The Big Red Suit

The Tri Cities #1 Santa and Mrs. Claus

Elf Info

Did you know that there are 1,225 elves at The North Pole?

Santa's assistant is Elf Bernard

Mrs. Claus' assistant is Elf Ralph

Running the North Pole office are Elf Debbie, Elf Scott, Elf Karl, Elf Katie and Elf Patti. Elf Trixie is the one answering all the phone calls!

What do elves eat for breakfast? Elf bread! Mrs. Claus has a secret sprinkle mix. She serves elf bread with hot chocolate (extra, extra, extra sugar and chocolate) .... oh and marshmallows.

There are many different kinds of elves. Tall ones and short ones. Skinny ones and chubby ones. Young ones and old ones. Ones that like to pull pranks on other elves and there are the grumpy ones too. There are really smart elves and not so smart elves. Santa and Mrs. Claus love them like family.

Some elves live with Santa and Mrs. Claus and some have their own home in the village. Some are married. Most are workaholics. They are very energetic (must be all the sugar they eat) and happy all the time. They are known to break out in a song for no reason. And boy can they dance! Elves live very long lives.

Mrs. Claus makes tiny little (I mean...really tiny, tiny) hats for the baby elves that are born at The North Pole. Their little ears get really cold when they are first born so the hats keep them warm until they grow into big pointy ears. Did you know that Mrs. Claus gives special girls and boys these little hats to hang on their Christmas tree? She does!

Who is the elf that makes the most toys? That would be Chin. He makes so many toys that he has two workshops -- Workshop A and Workshop B. If you ever want to know if Chin made one of your toys just turn it over and it will have his name and what worshop it came from -- ChinA or ChinB. Most come from ChinA.

Reindeer! Reindeer! Reindeer!

Yes, there are a lot of reindeer at the North Pole. You know Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Donder, and Blitzen! Oh yes....and Rudolph!

Speaking of Rudolph - do you know why the nose is red? Carrots! Loves, loves, loves carrots. So on Christmas Eve remember to leave Rudolph and the other reindeer some carrots to eat on the trip. It will help keep Rudolph's nose glowing bright all night long.

Donner is NOT the correct spelling or pronunciation of Donder's name. A musician changed the spelling years ago, but Donder is the correct spelling. Donder loves it when kids say his name right.

Even female reindeer have antlers. The reindeer pulling the sleigh are more than likely a girl reindeer. Male reindeer lose their antlers earlier than female reindeer do. Their antlers are what helps Santa guide the sleigh through the air helping it turn and go up or down. Plus females are better with directions.....seriously!

Don't turn your back on any reindeer. You might just get poked by an antler.

Don't look a reindeer in the eye. They think you are challenging them.

Reindeer games - leaping games (Comet always wins), running games (Prancer is very fast), hide and seek (we lost Vixon once and searched for hours to find him sleeping under a pine tree. Yikes!)

Reindeer eat a very special mix of oats that only Santa knows how to fix. Rudolph is an M&M junkie. Dasher loves does Rudolph. Dancer is a vegan. Blitzen will eat pizza every day if you let him. Cupid loves Christmas cookies....with extra, extra, extra sprinkles...and thick frosting. Prancer makes his own hummus and eats it with sliced cucumbers - you should try's to die for! Vixon is a picky...very, very, VERY picky eater. Comet's favorite food is hotdogs with extra mustard and dill relish. Donder can eat a whole cheese cake with a ton of cherries on top in one sitting.

This year Comet is giving Santa a difficult time when practicing on landings. Comet will not stop stomping his back hoofs on the roofs. So if you hear something on Christmas's more than likely Comet acting up.

There are two backup reindeer trained to pull the sleigh in case one of the others gets sick or hurt. Their names are Holiday and Jingle!

Santa Claus

First name is: Santa

Last name is: Claus

Favorite cookie is chocolate chip

Favorite snack is potato chips

Favorite color is red --- you probably already knew that!

Occupation - toy maker and delivery of surprises every Christmas Eve

Goal in life - to spread the Spirit of CHRISTmas to everyone he meets all year long

Married to Mrs. Carrie Claus

Mrs. Claus

First name is: Carrie

Last name is: Claus (not Mrs. Santa)

Favorite cookie is snickerdoodle (with extra cinnamon)

Favorite snack is Prancer's hummus and sliced cucumbers. Yummy!

Favorite color is purple. One of these days Santa might be dressed in purple.

Occupation - running the North Pole, training elves, baking,

Goal is life - to spread the Spirit of CHRISTmas to everyone she meets all year long

Married to Santa Claus

North Pole Stuff

It's very cold almost all year long

The Claus' have three dogs - Gracie Mae, Piper Faith, and Jingle Noel (born on Christmas)

The North Pole is a small village with Santa and Mrs. C's house and main workshop.

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) light the night sky with beautiful color so it's never completely dark. No streetlights are needed.

There is no crime at the North Pole. However, Santa keeps the reindeer barn locked where the sleigh is so the elves don't get in and take the sleigh for a ride. It happened once, only once, and it needs not to happen again. Right Comet?! Mrs. Claus keeps the bakers pantry locked. Those darn elves will eat every sweet and baked good there is if they got in the bakers pantry. Elves LOVE sugar...and lots of it.